Looking to the Future

2018 stereoscope guy2

Changing with the Times

When invented in the 1830s, the stereoscope introduced the world to 3D. Hand-drawn images took the viewer to a new dimension; it was revolutionary.

Today, virtual reality and 3D models are again taking us places that we never could have imagined. Feel the tingle on your neck while moving through an interior storeroom of a remote cliff dwelling, untouched for 1,000 years, without disturbing a single artifact within. This is the power and possibility of 3D modeling moving people virtually through time and space.

Now imagine the impact on a student in an urban school thousands of miles away.

Improving Access Through Technology

2018 Susan Grant adjustedWith your support, Crow Canyon can continue to be an innovative leader in research, education, and cultural immersion.

We can now create interactive 3D models of archaeological sites. We can also add the fourth dimension now-time-showing the progression of occupation of a place over time. These interactive models add an exciting dimension of understanding for archaeologists and researchers, educators and indigenous communities, students and life-long learners around the globe.

These advances in technology force us to play catch up.
Interactive 3D and 4D models are extremely large computer files.

Creating these files takes powerful machines and fast networks. We need to prepare now with fiber optic infrastructure, advanced computer stations, and enhanced storage capacity.

This technology is expensive, but it is essential if Crow Canyon is to remain a leader in archaeological research and educational opportunities.

Help us build the capacity now to prepare for the explosion of digital growth that is our new reality.

Crow Canyon is all about connections. In partnership with you, we bridge the past with the present. We build understanding among cultures. We advance public archaeology and share knowledge, old and new, with citizen scientists around the world. Now, together, we must take the next step.

Please help Crow Canyon with a gift to support these advances.

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An example of a 3D image

Crow Canyon Logo Bowl by Grant Coffey on Sketchfab

Click on the image to rotate this 3D model of a replica of the bowl that inspired Crow Canyon’s logo. With your support, we will be able to deliver this type of interactive experience more effectively.

Help us build our digital capacity!

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2018 20m contour aerial2

This contour map of the east great house (above) at the Haynie site was rendered from photogrammetry (using digital photography for mapping) and the production of a digital elevation model.